Saturday, February 2, 2013

Where angels reside, happiness automatically dwells!

Never take things for granted and always tell that special person that you love them because someday it will be too late!

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Since discovering at a very young age that she was noticing people that no one else around her could see; Jennifer has dedicated her life to helping grieving friends, and families connect with those that have crossed over to the other side. A true ghost whisperer in every sense of the title, she uses her God given gifts in compassionate ways. Her caring and loving actions have helped families cope with the loss of loved ones, have given friends the opportunity to say their last goodbyes, and most importantly: provided closure to the spirits still clinging to this world, so that they may move on in peace and everlasting comfort. Jennifer has helped families all over the world reconnect. She has helped in matters of love, to helping people understand their path in life.  She started reading online, and quickly made a name for herself.  She stood out in chat rooms; her flowing light-filled energy touched all those who were fortunate enough to meet her. She has continuously helped person after person in all areas of concern. Jennifer will give all she has to help those who seek her. No one is more dedicated.